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Resident Information Solutions

Cit-e-Net allows you to interact with your constituents without the constraints of office hours or paperwork. In addition to providing residents the ability to communicate directly with the appropriate personnel, we also offer you the means to easily distribute vital information to the community and respond to its needs.

Event Calendars & Meeting Schedules

Cit-e-Net offers a central resource for residents seeking information about programs, meetings, policies, community events and news. Information modules can be configured to provide schedules and details about public meeting and special events as well as cultural and recreational events. Policy statements, meeting agendas and minutes, presentations can be downloaded directly from your site.

Service Requests & Work Orders

Cit-e-Net provides the ability for residents to notify the appropriate personnel of problems or to request specific services such as.

  • abandoned vehicles
  • dangerous or nuisance animals
  • downed tree or tree obstructions
  • leaking fire hydrant or water meter
  • street / road related problem
  • traffic control / device problem
  • zoning problem
  • vandalism / graffiti

Administrative personnel can create work orders from submitted service requests and track the progress of those work orders through to completion.

Form Center

Forms for public access should be easy to find. With the Cit-e-Net Form Center, your forms are displayed in a logical format and can be organized by department and topic. New forms are easy to add and be displayed in their proper location.
Discussion Forums & Online Polls

Cit-e-Net also offers an optional secure-access Discussion Forum that can be integrated into or be an external part of your site. The Forum has userid and password control to give members a secure but open on-line forum to discuss town related topics.

Cit-e-Net provides the capability to perform on-line polls of your constituency through the municipal web site. Using on-line polling municipal officials and management can enhance their communication and operational efficiency by presenting new ideas to constituents and obtaining feedback before implementing those ideas for new operations, projects or programs.

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