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Website Management Solutions

The initial creation and launch of a government website can be daunting enough, but the challenge doesn't end when the site goes live.  After a successful site launch comes the job of accepting, managing and publishing new content from many sources within your organization, while keeping your existing content current and relevant. These new responsibilities often put strains on a local government's internal IT resources. Without a framework for managing these content flows from origination to publication, many sites stagnate with a mix of out-of-date and missing content reducing their usefulness as communication and cost saving tools.

Content Management
Cit-e-Net provides a framework for entering, previewing and publishing new content. Easy to use editing tools allow users to insert content from existing documents and to work with many different types of content such as images, audio & video.

User & Group Level Security

We offer a flexible and secure solution, with the ability to create multiple user profiles, such as administrative users, content editors and content providers. Individual users can be assigned access by department, or by content type. Those users with the appropriate access rights can preview and authorize all content before publishing it live to the site.

Customizable Styles & Templates
Our template based structure ensures the integrity and consistency of the presentation of your site.  New pages and sections automatically conform to defined designs and styles. At the same time, administrators have the flexibility to create different designs and styles for departments and organizations as necessary.

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