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Benefits to government

  • Less paperwork.

  • Faster receipt of payments.

  • Reduce costs.

  • Increase existing revenue streams.

  • Free-up resources.

Benefits to constituents

  • Instant access to local  services & information.

  • Convenience of on-line payments, forms & permit applications.

  • Interactive dialogue with elected officials & government personnel.

Cit-e-Net products and services are implemented in close coordination with local government, allowing delivery of the most comprehensive and user-friendly set of solutions available.

   Website Management Solutions
  • Content Management
  • User & Group Level Security
  • Customizable Styles & Templates

   Resident Information Solutions
  • Event Calendars & Meeting Schedules
  • Service Requests & Work Orders
  • Form Center
  • Discussion Forums & Online Polls

   Electronic Payment Solutions
  • Property Tax & Utility Payments
  • Online Permits & Licenses
  • Payments for Documents & Services
  • Fee & Fine Payments
  • Donations & Fund Drive Contributions


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