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Graphic Design

Professional, Customizable Interface & Graphic Design

Cit-e-Net's professional designers work with you to create custom designs to meet your unique needs and requirements.  Alternatively, customers can provide their own designs for use with our templating system.  The Cit-e-Net Content Management System supports a wide variety of designs, display and navigation options.  These designs are part of your dynamically changing site, allowing you to add, update and change an unlimited number of content sections and numerous interactive features throughout the site. 

Multimedia & Flash Development

We can help you utilize streaming audio and video, simple animations or fully interactive Flash applications to bring your web site to life and convey your information as dynamically as possible.

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Client Portfolio - Review a sample of our county, municipal and agency sites which are already part of the Cit-e-Net client community.

Visit our demonstration site Your Town, USA to see how Cit-e-Net solutions can enhance your website and turn it into a dynamic and interactive web portal.