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User Support

Cit-e-Net technical support is included as a part of our annual subscription fees. Cit-e-Net also includes training for your users as part of our initial setup services.

  • Online Support - All Cit-e-Net users have access to our online Help area where we keep you informed about software updates, tutorials and the latest tips. Cit-e-Net also offers e-mail troubleshooting as well as a user discussion forum for users to share their questions and solutions with each other.
  • Telephone Support - All Cit-e-Net users have access to our support specialists via telephone during normal business hours.
  • E-mail Newsletter - Get the latest tips on how to get the most out of Cit-e-Net. Provided on a regular basis.

Online Help

In an effort to help our clients more easily understand and utilize the Cit-e-Net modules, online help is also included within our Administration Control Center. In addition to the master online user manual, which lists step-by-step instructions for a variety of user tasks, we also have implemented context-sensitive online help within each application module.

Hosting & Monthly Usage Statistics

Cit-e-Net application hosting is included as a part of our annual subscription fees, which includes 24 x 7 high-speed connection, daily backups and all necessary hardware, software and network maintenance.

Since Cit-e-Net maintains the hardware and software that runs the Cit-e-Net service, we handle all technical maintenance and support issues for you.

Monthly web site usage information and statistics are also included as a part of our annual subscription fees.

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Client Portfolio - Review a sample of our county, municipal and agency sites which are already part of the Cit-e-Net client community.

Visit our demonstration site Your Town, USA to see how Cit-e-Net solutions can enhance your website and turn it into a dynamic and interactive web portal.